• Diamond saws for precision cutting specimens

    The WELL 6500 precision diamond wire saw produces precise sections in a wide variety of material for larger sized samples up to 300mm x 300mm. The WELL 4500 precision diamond wire saw produces precise sections in a wide variety of materialsfor cutting medium sized samples up to 150 x 150mm. WELL Precision Vertical Diamond Wire Saws produce

  • Our Equipment

    Diamond Wire Slicing System. With the most advanced diamond wire saw in the world we can offer the most cost effective slicing for extremely hard materials such as sapphire silicon carbide and ruby. 200 mm diameter capability

  • Subsea Cutting

    Subsea. Cutting Underwater Technologies has more than 25 years’ experience in providing both off the shelf and bespoke diamond wire cutting solutions globally successfully completing almost 7000 cuts. Our diamond wire

  • diamond wire slicing

    The diamond wire slicing process we employ provides our customers less kerf loss with outstanding finishes to micron level tolerances. Our lead times are short and we can accommodate requirements from R D to production quantities. Contract Diamond Wire Slicing We offer contract slicing using diamond wire.

  • China diamond cutting wire diamond wire saw manufacturers

    KEENTOOL Leading Manufacturer of Machinery Diamond Wire Diamond Tools for Stone and Concrete. KEENTOOL is a professional manufacturer which specialized in equipment and diamond tools for cutting core drilling and polishing of masonary concrete and all around applications in the construction and mining industry with 15years experience.

  • Diamond Wire Diamond Wire Saws

    Our diamond blades Diamond wire and core bits offer a longer life and provide faster cutting and cost less per cut than any other diamond product available. FAMILY OWNED PATRIOT DIAMOND is family owned and we have been

  • Diamond Wire Cutting DWC

    Apr 24 2017  Diamond wire cutting DWC is the process of using Diamond Wire of various Diameters and length impregnated with Diamond Powder of various sizes to cut through materials. Because of the hardness of diamond this cutting technique can cut through almost any material that is softer than the diamond abrasive.

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    Diamond wire machining of wood

    Aug 04 2013  The looped diamond wire cut ting as shown in Figure 1a uses a loop wire between the upper and lower wheels to cut the wood workpiece. It is similar to the band saw. New technolo gies to firmly join two ends of a dia mond wire segment together to form a wire loop have been developed for ex

  • China professional diamond wire saw manufacturers wire

    KangHua is a diamond wire saw machine manufacturers and diamond wire saw suppliers from China. Our diamond wire cutting machine won the title of China National Television CCTV originality brand. As a diamond wire saw manufacturers we make custom wire saw machine Have you a project Free Drawing Get a free quote today

  • Concrete Wire Sawing Common for Cutting ..

    Apr 17 2018  Concrete wire sawing can also be referred to as diamond wire cutting. Fine Cut’s operators are able to cut through steel and heavily reinforced concrete. A concrete wire saw consists of a multi strand cable with diamond

  • Diamond Wire Cutting Solution

    Diamond wire cutting machine and diamond wire loop is the best solution to overcome the difficulties of band saw and a major innovation to solve the KDP crystal cutting problem.It has been proved that this method has small cutting force narrow cutting slit high cutting efficiency and low stress precision cutting for precious brittle materials.

  • looped wire saw endless diamond wire continuous

    Diamond wire loop and diamond wire saw cutting solution for hard and brittle materials such as ceramic cutting carbon fiber composite cutting graphite cutting silicon cutting tire section cutting marble cutting metal cutting

  • Wire Sawing

    Although diamond saw wire may be used in simple material cutting processes it is commonly used for the creation of material wafers thin slices of a substrate. The wafering process varies significantly depending on the material being

  • Diamond Wire verse Diamond Chain Saw cutting

    May 17 2013  Diamond Wire verse Diamond Chain Saw cutting. They still put non cutting material into the cut this fixes the kicking problem the non cutting backer bar is stationary but still makes it easy for a pipe in compression to pinch the saw. If you still feel chainsaws are the answer buy an extra one to cut free the one stuck in the pipe Compare

  • Diamond Wire Saw

    Precision Endless Wire Saw with 2 Digital Travel and Two Angle Adjustable Sample Stage . SMART CUT 6012 Miniature/Lab Precision wire saw is designed to provide a very smooth cutting for almost all kinds of materials

  • Diamond Wire

    Diamond Wire. The wire is impregnated with diamond dust of various sizes to cut through materials. Because of the hardness of diamonds this cutting technique can cut through almost any material that is softer than the diamond abrasive. Cuts stainless steel iron bars and chain all it takes is patience and time.


    Diamond wire sawing machine running on 20 tracks which fold on a self propelled crawler. The MINI MOBIL FIL unit can be equipped with 15/20 and 25 HP diamond wire saws for marble. Motor23 Hp. Applicable Units15 / 20

  • Diamond Wire Cutting for Composites

    Reduces Damage– Diamond wire cutting while effective for even the hardest materials is a relatively gentle process when compared to the more aggressive traditional machining methods.Diamond wire uses a very fine abrasive on a thin wire and even fast cuts can leave behind pristine edges and surfaces. Delicate feathered edges are possible with honeycomb

  • Diamond wire sawing systems

    A synthetic rubber wire is very flexible making it easy to use as well as minimising the risk of uneven wear to the wire beads. Husqvarna wires have at least 40 beads per metre. More beads per metre means increased contact between the cutting diamonds and the wire resulting in higher speed and increased product life.

  • 100ft Diamond Wire for Granite Stone Quarrying

    100ft Diamond Wire for Granite Stone Quarrying and Cutting Wire Saw Machine. WSG Q100FT. Sale. 2 168.00. Regular price. 2 868.00. Size. Quarrying 100 ft Spool. 11.5 mm x 40 beads / meter. Rubber Squaring 100 ft

  • Diamond Wire Saw

    Patent No US 8 651 098 B2 Ideal for cutting multi string applications or heavy wall legs and cross members. The vertical stance means it can easily fit in coffer dams or excavations with minimal dredging where other saws can’t fit. The

  • WELL 6500 Precision Vertical Diamond Wire Saw

    The proven WELL cutting techniques are integrated into the 6500 model. Patented stainless steel diamond embedded wire approximately 30 metres in length travels continually back and forth. To keep the diamond wire perfectly vertical the drum is synchronised along the axis of the winding pitch 1mm with each revolution.

  • Diamond wire for marble granite and concrete cut

    Diamond wire application and Features widely used in quarry operations. Advanced steel cable made in Germany and other specification are available on request. Premium quality series. Polymer high density. Support high hardness. Patented UNI

  • Diamond Wire For Glass Cutting WHIRLWIND USA INC.

    Diamond Wire For Glass is a new products.The quality has reached the world leading level. Products are used in manual in line multi wire cutting machines it can replace the cutting process of light abrasive.

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    Diamond Wire Saw DWS Subsea Cutters

    Diamond Wire Saw DWS Subsea Cutters Five different models offer wide range of cuts Diamond Wire Saw DWS Subsea Cutters are designed for the underwater cutting of horizontal or vertical pipes and offer five models that cut pipe outside diameters ODs ranging from 4 in to 84 in 10 cm to 213.4 cm DN100–DN2100 .

  • Diamond Wire Hand Saw Blades Pack of 3

    These 320 grit diamond coated saw blades enable you to cut glass stone precious and semi precious stones ceramic fibreglass fossil bone shell and composite materials. Ideal for cutting your cabochons to size and in any

  • Multi wire sawMulti wire cutting machinediamond

    CX4040 Diamond Multi wire Cutting Machine. Case. About us. Company Profile. Yantai LiKai Numerical Control Technology Co. Ltd. is a high tech innovative enterprise integrating R D production sales and service. The

  • diamond wire for sale

    Diamond wire for sale is used more and more for qurries concrete cutting huge and irregular construction cutting. Huanghe Whirlwind has rich diamond wire saw manufacturing experience and technology. Our diamond wire saws for sale have high output lower waste of quarry resource no noise and safe operation.

  • Small Precision Diamond Wire Saw With Digital

    TX 202A is a small precision diamond wire saw for cutting sample ≤ 2 diameter or square up to 50mm in thickness. It is designed to provide smooth cutting for many kinds of materials especially for fragile crystals and TEM or IC samples

  • Diamond Wire

    Miles Supply sells Boart Wire diamond wire in sizes and strands available for all of your stone sawing needs whether it be stationary quarry or profile machines. For free cutting and high production at a competitive price. Proven in quarrying manufacturing fabricating and contour applications in North America.

  • Extreme CNC Diamond Wire Cutting Granite Into

    Here’s something you don’t see every day–granite being cut by a giant CNC diamond wire cutter into these exotic shapes for art and architectural use. Here are some samples of this kind of work Pretty amazing work from stone And

  • Diamond Wire Saws

    Electric wire saw 15 kW designed for easier operation on heavy duty cutting jobs with automatic wire tension automatic cut steering and wireless remote control. 140 269.00. DSW 3018 E Wire saw. High power 30 kW electric wire saw for outstanding heavy duty cutting performance. 167 938.16.

  • Diamond wire details

    The diamond wire is the exchangeable cutting tool of a diamond wire saw with which almost all materials as well as combinations of materials so called composite materials can be cut. The diamond wires or diamond wire

  • Diamond Wire Sawing

    Diamond wire sawing is a quick versatile and clean method of cutting. It is capable of cutting a variety of sizes and shapes of openings including cuts for round holes pump bases free standing columns or entire structures. Wire

  • Concrete Diamond Wire Sawing

    Concrete Diamond Wire Sawing. FMG’s diamond wire sawing circle wire sawing and pipe wire sawing services can handle any thickness and configuration of walls and foundations. With the ability to cut large holes at any depth the potential savings in both concrete breaking time and the cost of concrete removal can be immense.