• GEA New Zealand

    GEA New Zealand Auckland. Food and Dairy Processing 8 Fisher Crescent Mt Wellington. 1060 Auckland New Zealand. Tel 64 9 276 2388. Fax 64 9 259 0171. Contact us. GEA New Zealand Hamilton. GEA AvapacDesign and manufacturing of high

  • Chinese waste ban

    Dec 05 2018  China’s ban on ‘foreign garbage’ has brought a crisis to many recycling programmes around the world but it also provides a much needed provocation forcing us to re evaluate how we think about waste the environment responsibility and power in relation to ‘recycling’. This article is from the October 2018 issue of New Internationalist.

  • Top 33 Waste to Energy startups

    Mar 03 2022  Country New Zealand Funding 310.4M By recycling carbon from industrial off gases syngas generated from any biomass resource e.g. municipal solid waste MSW organic industrial waste agricultural waste and reformed biogas LanzaTech can reduce emissions and make new products for a circular carbon economy.

  • E Waste Recycling Facts and Figures

    Jan 14 2020  Electronic waste or e waste refers to any discarded products with a battery or plug.The biggest e waste categories are small and large appliances and heating/cooling equipment.   If not properly disposed of e waste is devastating to the environment making recycling and recovery programs critical. Items that can be recovered from e waste to

  • Local E waste Recycle Locations

    In short electronics recycling prevents pollution to the environment when manufacturers look for raw materials to create new products. Here are some stats that will make your eyes water. The United States generates more e waste electronic products that have been thrown out in the trash than any other country on earth with more than 9

  • Recycled fiber

    Valmet is a full scope supplier of energy efficient recycled fiber systems both OCC and DIP that ensure the targeted end product quality of tissue graphic papers and different board grades at the lowest possible production cost. Systems are always customized to match the mill s raw material and end product requirements. Customized process solutions with broad know how

  • An Introduction to Polypropylene Recycling

    May 09 2019  Efforts to improve PP recycling have been ongoing. Nextek Ltd. a UK based Plastic design and recycling consulting company and finalist of 2013 recycling innovators forum has invented an innovative process to decontaminate food grade polypropylene for reuse in a closed loop back into food packaging.

  • Fonterra and Ecolab Save 190 Million Litres of Water

    Mar 21 2022  Fonterra in partnership with Ecolab’s water management division saved 190 million litres of water in their manufacturing process across Australia and New Zealandequivalent to the annual drinking needs of over half a million people. This is over and above many impactful sustainability and water savings initiatives implemented by Fonterra.

  • Ecolab Introduces Solutions for Advanced Recycled Plastic

    Nov 17 2021  Ecolab Introduces Solutions for Advanced Recycled Plastic Feedstocks. November 17 2021. Ecolab has introduced a holistic suite of offerings for ethylene producers and chemical recyclers of plastic waste that use and produce an alternate recycled plastic feedstock called pyrolysis oil. Ethylene producers are utilizing recycled plastic

  • Recycling Old TV s Monitors

    Sims Recycling Solutions is the global leader in the secure sustainable and responsible recovery of redundant computers electrical and electronic equipment and other materials for reuse and recycling. In the APAC region we have electronics recycling operations in Australia India New Zealand Singapore and South Africa.

  • Highlight Story Waste Reduction at Lockheed Martin

    Our waste program is focused on reducing total waste using the management hierarchy modeled after the EPA waste management pyramid. Actions and improvement activities for our operations are prioritized based on the minimization of impact and responsible management of materials. In 2020 the Go Green Waste Metric Scorecard was developed to track

  • 38 million pieces of plastic waste found on uninhabited

    May 15 2017  Across the board no country got a free pass on this we found bottles from Germany containers from Canada I think it was a fishing crate from New Zealand.

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    Transpacific Annual Report 2007

    Liquid Waste Leading Australian and New Zealand business in collection treatment and disposal of liquid and hazardous waste. Solid Waste Leading business in collection transportation and disposal of solid commercial and municipal waste including landfill and transfer station operation. Used Cooking Oil Oily Water Waste Oil Energy Emerging

  • Waste Recycling Bins

    As a New Zealand family owned operated business Pioneer Waste Recycling Equipment supply top quality New Zealand made and imported machinery for recycling and waste handling. We source from Ireland U.K

  • Recyclability

    iRobot encourages consumers to recycle the lithium ion batteries that power Roomba and Braava . In 2019 approximately 153 000 pounds of iRobot batteries were recycled in North America up 18 from the prior year. Our user manuals provide helpful information and instructions on how to recycle the batteries used in iRobot’s products.

  • The Plastic Problem of Shotgun Wads

    Feb 01 2019  When it comes to plastic wads while they are more effective than their predecessors many hunting clubs in New Zealand and England have switched to biodegradable fiber wads for some uses. Here in the United States a company in ia called GreenOps Ammo has recently started manufacturing 12 gauge shotgun shells that use biodegradable

  • How To Mine Gold From Electronics

    Electronics are chock full of gold but getting it out is so difficult that most of it goes to waste.A New Zealand startup has found a way to extract gold fr

  • Greentec a quarter century in electronics recovery

    Mar 20 2020  March 20 2020. Tony Perrotta founded Greentec in 1995 starting with recycling ink and toner cartridges. Based in Cambridge Ontario Greentec is a specialist in IT equipment recovery confidential data destruction and e waste recycling serving businesses in Ontario and across Canada. In 2020 the company is celebrating its 25th year in business.

  • 8 Tips to Reduce Packaging Waste to Promote ..

    Dec 12 2017  Here are some ways you can contribute to sustainable packaging for reducing packaging waste 1. Using Recyclable and Reusable Materials. Use packaging materials that are either reusable or recyclable. You can reuse the materials for various purposes such as using left over cardboard boxes to store office equipment.

  • What Waste is Recycled

    The mainstream waste items collected for recycling in New Zealand do not necessarily stay here to be made into new products. New Zealand simply does not have the manufacturing base as our population and therefore consumption is much smaller than larger countries that can justify manufacturing plants. Cardboard and glass tends to be converted

  • Recycling Waste

    Recycling Waste. See the pros and cons of everything from recycling to zero waste and find tips to reduce the trash and plastic that goes in

  • IT Asset Disposition Reuse Manufacturing Services

    Wisetek are global leaders in IT asset disposition services data sanitization hard drive destruction hard drive disposal and hard drive shredding all backed with data destruction certificates. Our mission is to provide our valued clients with world class ITAD services and excellence in sustainability data security and compliance.

  • Top Recycling 2022 Conferences

    About conferences. Recycling Congress 2022 proudly invites contributors across the globe to 19 th World Congress and Expo on Recycling during November 21 22 2022 in Amsterdam Netherlands which includes prompt keynote presentations Oral talks Poster presentations and Exhibitions. We are delighted to say that it is the 19 th World Congress and Expo on

  • 8 Companies That Only Sell 100 ..

    Oct 09 2018  If your business produces waste during the manufacturing process such as scrap metal or plastic look for ways to reuse these resources or donate them to a good cause. Even if it costs you a little bit of time and money turning this waste into something new helps you reduce your company’s impact on the environment. 3. Be More Flexible

  • Bandit Industries Inc

    Supreme Parts Service and Sales Support . Experience the best support in the wood and waste processing industries. Bandit’s legendary customer service includes everything from phone based tech support to on site repair. Whether your Bandit is brand new or well seasoned The Bandit Backbone is here to help. Learn More

  • Sand Washing Waste Recycling Wet Processing Solutions

    CDE is the world s number one wet processing equipment company for sand and aggregates mining C D waste recycling and wastewater solutions. Learn more. 44 28 8676 7900

  • Recycled Plastic Pellets Regrind

    As a full service recycler processor and manufacturer Greenpath Recovery is happy to help you solve your recycling waste and manufacturing needs. We are vertically integrated with over 25 years experience in commercial recycling. We are focused on helping the environment while at the same time enhancing your profitability.

  • Electric vehicles and Aotearoa

    Jul 01 2021  Transport makes up 21 of the country’s carbon footprint and most of that comes from the light vehicle fleet cars vans and utes. In 2019 light vehicles were responsible for almost 11MtCO 2 e emissions.. By the end of this decade more than 50 of monthly vehicle sales in New Zealand need to be electric in order to meet our emissions reductions targets.

  • Waste and Recycling Companies and Suppliers in New Zealand

    based in Christchurch NEW ZEALAND Ecotech Services Ltd carries out the repair refurbishment and recycling of electrical electronic and computer equipment. Ecotech Services has strong focus on the environmental effects of electrical technology and aims for

  • Zero waste turbines by 2040

    May 11 2020  This January Vestas announced its new sustainability strategy Sustainability in everything we do a strategy consisting of four ambitious goals.One of which is a commitment to producing zero waste wind turbines by 2040. As a first step incremental targets will be to increase the recyclability rate of hubs and blades from 44 today to 50 by 2025 and 55

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    Everything you need to know about rubbish and recycling in Auckland. Home. Make the most of waste. Make the most of waste Grants from 500 to 5000 are available throughout February to initiatives that help raise awareness of food waste and demonstrate practical solutions to overcome food waste in Auckland. and New Zealand is

  • GREENMAX Machine For Recycling EPS Styrofoam And

    Mar 10 2022  GREENMAX SWD Shred Wash Dry Compactor is aimed at dirty Styrofoam/EPS foam recycling. The SWD System can be applied to garden tray with sand Polystyrene foam with oil with 50 1 compression ratio. PET Dewater. GREENMAX dewatering equipment is applied for rejected returned and date expired beverage or drinking products like

  • Waste Recycling Companies in New Zealand Local

    Basic Member. Since Apr 2019. Atlas Auto was established in 2010 with a mission to provide the best service to customer NZ wide. Our focus towards continuous improvement in our services helped us becoming #1 Cash for Cars company in New

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    Waste Reduction CONSTRUCTION

    1. Plan to reduce waste at the start of a project set goals identify waste recycling opportunities and target specific wastes you expect from the project. Use the REBRI Waste Management Plan. 2. All staff and subcontractors need to follow the waste management systems. Include waste reduction instructions or

  • Waste Recycling Jobs in New Zealand Job Vacancies

    Find your ideal job at SEEK with 130 waste recycling jobs found in All New Zealand. View all our waste recycling vacancies now with new jobs added daily